Exhibition Entertainment

Is Batak Hire the prefect Exhibition Entertainment?

The short answer is we believe it is, and so do our clients!

Batak Hire

Looking for exhibition entertainment – well it gets no better than Batak Hire and in addition where space is at a premium we have the ultimate solution with the Batak Lite, smaller than our Batak Pro but just as much fun and still just as competitive.

The Batak systems are are a definite draw for potential clients. At a recent exhibition our clients actual registrations doubled their optimistic forecast and they believed our Batak Challange had a huge part to pay in the success of the exhibition and the results.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 07968 803815

Private Parties and functions: sales@batakhire.co.uk

Corporate Events & Exhibitions: info@corporateevent.co.uk

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Although we use their excellent products we are in no way endorsed by Quotronics Ltd.